T   E   R   H   O   M   A

N O N    P R O F I T    O R G A N I Z A T I O N

T o g e t h e r,     l e t' s     b u i l d     a     S h a r i n g     W o r l d     !


A b o u t    u s   !

We are first and foremost citizens of the world.  

Far from the values ​​of possession or power, the human adventure remains our major interest. Belief, knowledge, know-how, agriculture, religion, trade, crafts, history, natural wealth, industries, we all have to learn from one or the other.

Every day of our lives gives us the universal opportunity to enjoy the work of a man or woman who is at the other end of the world. A garment, a culinary specialty, a fabric, a book, a film, a cup of coffee, a simple grain of salt or rice reminds us that a hand from the end of the world has worked for us.


We want to share too often primary wealth of the earth succeeds a world of sharing.

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c i t i z e n s    o f    t h e    w o r l d   !